Regional round


  1. Candidates are making their bread themselves and bring their bread for scoring at the Competition Site, it is important to note that there is no
    production/baking whatsoever on the contest site.
  2. Each candidate will have at most 1 min to introduce himself/herself, and another 1 min to introduce his/her bread.
  3. The objective of the self-presentation is to get to learn about the baker.
  4. The objective of the bread presentation is to show the ingredients used (what type of flour, hydration level, what type of yeast, what type of sugar, etc.) and the process (sponge & dough, autolyse, sourdough, etc.).
  5. The presentation will count for 50% in the final score, it counts for an important part of the score.
  6. After presentation, the judges will call another candidates but the candidate can stay if he/she wants to listen to other presentation.

National round


Candidates make their product on-site according to the rules.


  1. It will last for 7 hours. Candidates cannot start before they are told so and must finish within 7 hours including the cleaning and presentation to
    the judges. One extra hour can be used the day before to prepare the work.
  2. All basic ingredients are provided: flour, yeast, salt, sugar, fat, shortening, etc.
  3. Specific ingredients for the variety breads (category 1 and 2) can be brought by the candidates, as well as coloring agents for artistic piece (category 3).
  4. The use of improvers is authorized and Lesaffre will provide these improvers.
  5. The candidates can bring their own sponge or sourdough if needed. The sponge or sourdough cannot take more than 50% of the flour weight.
  6. Any method can be used (direct, sponge & dough, autolyse, sourdough, yugone, etc).
  7. Small equipment will also be provided but the candidates are allowed to bring whatever tool they want.
  8. The candidates can call the judges after finishing (including cleaning) any time before
    the end of the 7 hours.
  9. Products will be judged according to the characteristics required for each product (cf. appendices).